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御盞皇純正花旗參片 Ginseng Slices 2oz

    Ginseng tastes bitter, and it can nourish the stomach and lung to improve the production of body fluid. It mostly using people who have a deficiency of both spleen and lung, qi deficiency and polydipsia. In a word, a ginseng is a good option for people who are having these symptoms. However, for people who are having dysmenorrhea amenorrhea, ginseng is not a good option for them. Furthermore, ginseng smell fragrant. It promotes the production of body fluid to relieve thirst, and it also suitable for people who are lack of sleep, and who is a bitter taste in the mouth.


Effects on ginsengs:
1. Myocardial enhanced.
2. Enhance central nervous, allay tiredness and hangover.
3. Adjust blood pressure.
4. Adjust insulin secretion, it has a positive effect on diabetes patients.
5. Adjust adrenergic secretion.
6. Enhance physical strength.
7. Inhibition on cancer cells.
8 Enhance digestion system.



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