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田七(黑)Notoginseng Root or Pseudoginseng Root (Black)




Actions & Indications:

Raw san qi can stop bleeding and can transform blood stasis. It can stop bleeding without causing blood clots. It is widely used in injury medicine as in broken bones, swelling, impact injuries. Cooked san qi can be used as tonic.


1. 田七有止血及抗凝作用:能抑制血小板凝集,促進纖溶,並使全血粘度下降

2. 抗炎

3. 鎮痛

4. 鎮靜

5. 增強腎上腺皮質功能: 調節糖代謝﹐

6. 抗腫瘤

7. 保肝

8. 改善心血管系統功能: 增進微循環﹐消除疲勞。

9. 止血:其止血活性成份為三七氨酸 (生田七含量較多)


Medical Function:

1. Stop bleeding and anticoagulation: anticoagulation of platelets, promotes dissolving of fibrinogens,

2. Anti-inflammation

3. Relieving pain

4. Calming

5. Enhances the effects of adrenocortical hormone: regulate the metabolism of sugar.

6. Protects liver

7 Anti cancer

8. Improve capillary circulation: anti fatigue

9. Anti aging

10. Arrest bleeding (active chemical:dencichine, there is more of that in raw tian qi )

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