天麻片 Gastrodia Tuber

天麻片 Gastrodia Tuber

產地 :中國


Actions & Indications:

  • Calming the internal wind and relieving convulsion and spasm. For suppressing symptoms of liver-wind, no matter if cold type or heat type.

  • Calming the liver and suppressing liver yang ascending. For such symptoms as vertigo and headache.

  • Removing obstruction in the channels to relieve pain. For arthralgia due to the wind, cold and dampness, or for numbness and paralysis caused by liver and shenxu (kidney deficient) 

  • For neurasthenia and insomnia


  • 四肢拘挛  ,  小兒 驚 風 ,

  • 肝 陽上亢之 眩暈 ,  頭 痛  ,

  • 麻木,  風濕疼痛 ,

  • 神經衰弱,  失眠 。