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白蓮子 lotus seed

產地: 中國


Actions & Indications:

For palpitation, vexation, insomnia:

Prescription:  lian zi, fu ling﹐ suan zao ren﹐ bai zi ren

Boil with water and use as tea.

For shenxu (kidney deficient) with spermatorrhea; excessive bleeding not during menses;  vaginal discharge:

Prescription:lian zi, sha wan ji li, tu si zi, qian shi, shan yao, mu li.

Boil with water and use as tea.

For pixu (spleen deficient)  with chronic diarrhea:

Prescription: lian zi, bai zhu,  fu ling,  huai shan yao

Boil with water and use as tea.



  • 治心 悸 ,虛煩失眠﹕   

  • 治腎 虛  遺精,崩漏,帶下﹕   蓮子﹐  沙 苑蒺藜,﹐菟 絲子﹐ 芡 實﹐山 藥﹐牡 蠣。

  • 治脾 虛久瀉﹕   蓮子﹐ 白 朮﹐茯 苓﹐山 藥

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