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北芪 Astragalus root



Actions & Indications:

In qixu (qi deficient) , pixu (spleen deficient) and yangxu (yang deficient),  weakness and fatigue, numbness of limb, morbidity after stroke, sweating, promoting pus discharge and tissue regeneration. Promotes diuresis to reduce edema. Treatment of diabetes. Treatment of xinyangxu (heart yang deficient)  and shenyangxu.


主治 :

用於氣 虛, 脾虛,陽 虛,心 陽虛, 腎陽虛,體 弱疲倦,肢體麻木,中風後遺癥,自汗,糖尿病。可幫助排膿,生肌。利尿消腫。


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